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Here we updated the correct flagle answer of flagle game to guess the hidden flag in fewer trials

What is flagle answer guessing game?

A flag guessing game is like a wordle jr, le mot wordle, fuedle fun puzzle where you try to figure out which country a particular flag belongs to. In the game, you are given hints and clues, such as the colors and symbols on the flag, and your job is to make a guess. It’s a cool way to learn about flags from different countries while having a good time.

Whether you’re a geography expert or just getting started, these games make exploring flags enjoyable and educational!

How to play flagle answer guessing game?

First, you find the flagle game on internet than just you have to start a new game and game will show you a list of country name you just select randomly one country and game will give you a hints to guess the right flag or country name you have only six trials to guess the country flag on country name.

Play flagle unlimited with Friends

If you want, some games let you play with friends. You can challenge them to see who can guess more flags correctly.

Correct answer of flagle game

Cape Verde

Cape verde image

That’s it! Playing a flag guessing game is a fantastic way to test your knowledge, learn new things, and enjoy a bit of friendly competition if you decide to play with friends. Have a great time exploring the world of flags!

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