flagle answer November, 27 2023

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If you’re in search of a mystery game, explore Flagle—an accessible web-based adventure game that’s open to everyone. Uncover the country’s flag with just a few strategic guesses, all for free.

About flagle answer online game?

Flagle is a fresh version of Wordle,, it revolves around national flags. If you like challenging games, flagle unlimited online wordle flags game is likely to develop your interest. The rules of flagdle are very simple, within six attempts, correctly identify a flag. Upon success, the game showcases your statistics and the attempt at which you solved the puzzle. Just like Wordle.

you can share your achievements on social networks. Keep in mind, that it’s a once-a-day affair, ensuring daily fun with your friends.

How to play flagle answer game?

  1. In six trials, find the hidden flag
  2. Each try should involve a valid nation from the provided list.
  3. After every attempts, game will show you a new section of flags and give you hint to help you to find the hidden flag.

correct flaggle asnwer?

correct flagle answer for 27/Nov.2023 is:

United Kingdom

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